Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Snoods vs Eternity Scarves

Is there a difference? We must get to the bottom of this! We started wondering when some of our readers brought us to the attention of this article stating that snoods are hot hot hot. We blogged about snoods a while ago when Burberry brought them out. But then we started to see eternity scarves popping up on shopping sites and began to ponder whether they are the same thing. I mean they look the same-ish... We have decided that they are basically the same unless your etrnity scarf is not wide enough to go over your head. The basic shape is the same for both - a very long oval or circle shaped scarf that does not have an end. Snoods can become eternity scarves but eternity scarves cannot be always be made into snoods...hmmmm...What do you think?

Eternity Scarves:
Deena & Ozzy Abstract Eternity Scarf for US$34

American Apparel The Unisex Circle Scarf for US$34


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