Friday, July 31, 2009

Bubblegum Blouses

Lovin' the colour of these totally- in ruffle blouses!

Save this Dress

Save this design for your dressmaker! Since this dress is rather costly - just get someone else to duplicate it for the right price. Just remember to get the appropriate fabric or else it won't drape as well. Stunnacious!

Obsession of the Day


Designer Love: Sonia by Sonia Rykiel

Check out these totally cute sweaters from Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Collection for Fall =) YUM

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Obsession of the Day

Going Grey ...

Maybe I'm just inspired by the miserable weather outside but for now I'm digging these grey hued handbags - enjoy!

Cute Top!

Disappointed with the Circus

I was really excited to check out Forever 21's Circus Collection this morning and it was a complete disappointment! None of the skirts reached the knee (maybe if you wear it reallllly low) and most of the clothing, in my opinion, was kinda tacky. I couldn't find a single piece to blog about! To check out the collection yourself - click here

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cool Cuffs!

I love how cuffs can add a little bit of a badass look to your outfit. So here are a few of my favs!

White Trash Charms White Bowtie Cuff Bracelet for US$48

Designer We Love: Etro Dresses

Check out these totally chic and @ the knee Etro dresses. Plus they look sooo adorable with black tights - yum. Personally, I believe we all run away from prints but we need a little bit of a splash in our wardrobe, so go for it!

Obsession of the Day: Vera Wang

OMG! I need all of them!

Happy Shopping!

New Forever 21 stuff cuz I'm OBSESSED with their new arrivals section =) Enjoy!

(I had to!)

Lesson of the Day

Lily Allen wants to add jewelry desginer to her resume because she will soon be launching a jewelry line. Lesson of the Day - Don't quit your day job. The pieces look rather tacky. Didn't we buy this smiley face crap at Ardene and Claires in like grade 5? Yep! Thought so!

Lily Allen wearing some of her new desgins

New Collection

Monday, July 27, 2009

Obsession of the Day


Missoni Cape

Missoni is known for their gorgeous stripy knitwear and awesome patterns. Here's a dress we found for probably about an 1/8th of the reg price of a Missoni dress and it looks just like one - Enjoy!

Style Tip

A dress like the one below is so figure flattering for anyone! Because there are black panels on either side, it makes your eye focus on just the white. So you look that much skinnier. Plus the belt sucks you in Buy it! =)

Great Skirt Alert

Tulip Pencil Skirt for US$29 (OMG!)

Trend: Stolen from your Boyfriend

Boyfriend sweaters are great for just about anything - Throw them over a dress or any top, belt them at the waist, add a long necklace or a scarf and you're ready to go! Here's a great one I found online and it comes in tonz of different colours so have fun with it! Yay!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hot Top Alert

This vest is FIERCE! Wear it with a simple 3/4 tee or a blouse. It's Awesomeness!

Tie the Knot

These necklaces are everywhere! I cannot open up a fashion magazine without one on a model in an editorial or in the whats hot now sections. Urban Outfitters has them too but they keep selling out on their site.

Forever 21 Glistening Knotted Necklace for US$15.80

*** As you can see they are all exactly the same so I say go for the one with the smallest price tag!

Lesson of the Day!

Stuart Weitzman

A fall trend that will be ranging - mark my words raging!! are over-the-knee boots. My fierce fashionistas - I warn you, please do not buy them. Besides for looking like a hooker you can only pull off this look if you are wearing them over jeans or leggings. This is one of those things that are sooo trendy and hot but really a bad idea. Do not be a slave to fashion and buy a pair. It gives me the creeps to even think of this look with a skirt - ugggh! So Tacky!

Biker Chic

Taylor Momsen

If there is one thing that I tell you that you must go out and buy - it is a leather jacket! RUN! Do it! They are soooo hot right now. You wear it with a Tee or a fancy dress! It has come to be a sure staple in your wardrobe. Here are some of my picks!

Obsession of the Day

Friday, July 24, 2009


These Christian Louboutin Oxford Shoes and everywhere! Menswear fashion is going to be HUGE in the fall! Mark my words so go out and buy yourself a boyfriend blazer or oversize button down orrrr... these shoes ;)

The Hipster, Boho and Prepster

Some new arrivals at Forever 21 for just about anyone! Enjoy =)

Boho Fringed Vest for US$24.80