Thursday, February 4, 2010


Rectangle Feather Clutch for US$125

We saw this clutch and instantly thought of it for a DIY! We live for these projects! All you need is a plain Clutch/Wallet and some feathers. For our international reader we found you a place online to purchase the feathers - if you're from Toronto just go down to Queen and Spadina and you can get a great price on an entire bag!

Peacock Plumage for US$5.50 (for 100 feathers)

Gold Plumage for US$7.70 (for 100 feathers)

Green Plumage for US$5.50 (for 100 Feathers)

1. Trim the feathers so the coloured part is left
2. Use invisible glue or a glue that dries clear to stick the feathers onto the clutch
3. Work from one side to the other and slightly overlap the feathers


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