Thursday, February 23, 2017

Review on Maybelline Master Strobe Highlight

I love highlighters. Period. I was so excited to be given the opportunity from Influenster to test out the Maybelline Master Strobe Highlight for free. After playing around with it quite a bit here are my thoughts. It does have a few tiny particles of glitter in it, so when I mixed the Highlight with my moisturizer to attempt an all around glow on my face, it did look a little bit odd. It looks wonderful as a cheek highlight. It gives a beautiful glow to your skin, you can either just go in with the stick and blend with your finger. My favourite way to apply it is with my beauty blender, it gave a really natural glow. To take the Highlight to the next level of blinding I enjoyed layering a powder on top and the Maybelline created a great base. I used this Highlight also in the tip of my nose, inner corner of the eye and brow highlight, I loved it for all those uses. I highly recommend trying it out because it is compact and very easy to use plus it is very multipurpose.

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