Monday, July 13, 2009

We heart forever21

Too many good Forever21 clothes this week! I'm going crazy! I saw this great lace dress there on Friday and I thought to myself, I'll just wait until Monday to post it and now it 's sold out! BAH. So lesson of the day is post awesome clothing right away!!! Hopefully Forever21 will restock it. I hope.

Wear this with a high-waisted skirt:

Ruffle Front Tunic for US$20

Wear this for Shabbos - stick a white blouse under it or wear it open over a dress:

Chiffon Passementerie Jacket for US$32

This cuff is oh so cute!

Jeweled Flower Mesh Bracelet for US$9.80

This is funky: wear it under a leather jacket = HOT!

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