Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Alexa Chung has a Job!! She has been hired by clothing company Madewell to team up on a new collaborative collection comprised of "things you wouldn't mind getting dirty in and things that I actually wear."

Says Alexa:

"I was being offered so many collaborations for a long time, but I held off. I thought it would be quite a 'sellout' thing to do. But Madewell had a more organic approach. They seemed really interested in my ideas and it's a brand that I really admire. Hopefully, the authenticity of this collaboration will be obvious."

The collection is set to hit stores in August, with about 20 pieces including high-waist skinny jeans, lacey wool jackets, tea dresses, and tees. Details on exact pricing is not yet available, but the collection will be in line with Madewell's current offerings, with jeans priced under $100 and tee shirts starting at $14. Can't wait to see her stuff!

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